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VHT True Acoustic 30

Sometimes the best way to change up your sound is to go acoustic. The VHT True Acoustic amps are the perfect gigging solution for players looking to amplify voice and guitar. From the coffee house to the house show, the True Acoustic amps deliver crystal-clear instrument sound on one channel, with 48V phantom power for your favorite vocal mic on the other.

With 2 high-fidelity channels, an aux input for phones and other devices, an effects loop, and a great-sounding footswitchable reverb, you have all the tools you need to take the show on the road.

The True Acoustic 30 has two independent channels, one for instruments, the other for microphones (this channel can also be used with mics, line-level devices and instruments). 

With 30 watts and a Special Design 10” speaker, the True Acoustic 30’s sound cuts through the noise of a crowded room.

The VHT True Acoustic 30’s features include an Aux input for mobile phones and other devices, an effects loop, a Headphone jack, a Line Out jack, a Tuner Out jack, and an international voltage switch for True Acoustic operation anywhere in the world.