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Tones for the pros

They'll blow you away. The pickup combination loaded into this guitar gives you unrivalled sonic potential. With a humbucker in the bridge and single coils in the middle and neck positions, you'll be able to get any sound you want. The CPH-1 humbucker is perfect for tight, high output tones – especially on crunchy settings. It'll give your riffs a solid, powerful voicing with plenty of bite and character, whilst delivering warm vintage tones too. It can also be coil-split for a single coil voicing.


The neck OS-5 single coil pickup offers a superbly fat, fluid sound which will give your notes a rich, textured voicing. Clean settings will sound beautifully bright, clear, and full, whilst turning the gain up will make those notes sing with saturation and sustain. Then there's the middle position OS-5 pickup – it has a perfectly balanced sound for the ultimate dynamism. With these pickups pumping out pure tone, you're set for a stellar playing experience.

Roasted to perfection

The perfect fit. Boasting a roasted maple neck, the Fullerton looks stunning and feels incredibly smooth to the touch. This means your hand will skim along each fret unhindered. You'll feel totally free when changing between fret positions, and improvising will come completely naturally. The fretboard is also made from roasted maple, providing the perfect surface for riff writing. With such quality at your fingertips, who knows what inspirational musical ideas may come to you.

Tremendous tremolo

You like vibrato? You do now. The Wilkinson tremolo bridge on this fine creation not only offers exceptional tuning stability, but also enables you to inject your riffs with vibrato. From subtle bends to elaborate, wild dives - the possibilities are endless.


  • Model Name: Aria 714-JH Fullerton, Marble White
  • PC: 714-JH MBWH


  • Body Material: Poplar, Flamed Maple Top

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck: Roasted Maple, Bolt-on
  • Fingerboard: Roasted Maple
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Scale Length: 648 mm

Hardware and Electronics

  • Pickups: Neck: OS-5 (Alnico-5), Middle: OS-5 (Alnico-5), Bridge: CPH-1 “Classic Power” (Alnico-5)
  • Controls: Volume x 1, Tone x 1 (w/ Push/Pull), 5-Way PU Selector x1
  • Tailpiece: Wilkinson
  • Hardware: Chrome